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I'm not done with you yet
Hello honey and welcome to the most fabulous blog that you will ever set your twinkling little eyes on. Go on, be amazed. The name is Pip, my hometown is Andalasia, and my game is giving you the 4-1-1 of all things Elias University. Forget the gossip, forget the haters-- here in my kitchen we only serve up the best, most juiciest of truths and we call that journalism, sweetie. So sit down and shut up because Pip is talking, and I'm just getting started.


In case anyone was unawares, my beautiful husband-to-be, better half, and best friend Pinocchio Collodi is turning 19 today, finally joining me in the ranks of 19-year-olds (which actually reminds me that I’m turning 20 in like 22 days and fuck that is fucking terrifying but this isn’t ABOUT ME) 

It’s about him.  And I’m so happy that 19 years ago, Pin was born, because he’s improved my life in ways I never could imagine—completed me when I didn’t know I was incomplete. I don’t want to get overwrought and embarrassingly mushy or anything. I just love him to death, you know? I love him for him and I love him for who he has made me, too. I feel better when I’m with him and I know that I am. I know I’m invincible with him.

So THANK YOU WORLD. Thank you Pin’s parents. Thank you every day that brought him to me. And Happy Birthday darling. You’re my whole world, no matter how silly that is to say. 



Oof. I can’t sleep in. I have afternoon baseball practices so if I want to eat, explore or do anything not related to practice II have to get up and get at it pretty early. Not that I mind. I have a ton of pent up energy and probably wouldn’t be able to sleep in anyway. It’s ridiculous.


Aw you’re a baseball player! How sporty! You’re a sporty lil twink! 

Shit, I just realized I didn’t introduce myself. Name is Pip, and you and me should make plans to lunch so I can get to know you. 



It’s not morning until I sleep and I’m not planning on going to bed for another three hours so evening it is.


But yeah! Almost a week old come Thursday. Name’s Mickey, by the way, from Philadelphia. I totally didn’t answer any of your questions before. My bad.

Ooo that’s how I live my life.  Then I sleep in till noon cuz lawd knows I don’t got anything going on until the afternoon anyways.  When my boyfriend was around, he’d drag my ass out of bed, like, ten o clock cuz he gets up really early to go running because my boyfriend respects his body and has aspirations for his life unLIKE ME 




Oh hey! How are you doing this evening? Morning… Whatever it is?

Morning, I suppose—who the fuck knows tbh I’m hella drunk don’t tell my fiance. 

But hey you. You’re new here, aren’t you? 

What the FUCK 

i disappear for a few fucking weeks cuz of Pride and we get a new twink where did we import him from wHERE WHO IS THIS 

HI BLUE EYES  /fans self

Pipin texts
Pin: Goodnight, Phillip. Give Figaro a hug for me.
Pip: Of course. Talk to you tomorrow, baby.
Pipin texts
Pin: My uncle talked me into going to the doctor tomorrow so I'm going to do that. Maybe that will help with all this excess stress or whatever is going on. I'll make sure I call you and tell you how it goes, okay.
Pin: I love you so much.
Pip: Ugh, okay. Please do, or I'll go out of my mind with worry myself. And I love you too.
Pipin texts
Pin: It's weird because I never really--I've never really needed anyone like I need you. I think that's mostly because I was always kind of the outsider growing up so I sort of got used to shouldering things on my own, and it kind of scares me how badly I want you here. And that's not really a bad thing, I guess. I like needing you because I love you and there isn't really a downside to wanting you around. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I got used to having you there for me, which was something new. You helped me remember what it was like to have someone who cared and all that.
Pin: I'm rambling. I don't know if I'm even making sense. All I know is that I want you here, yeah, but you don't have to drop what you're doing because I'll /always/ want you here. I'll never like being away from you, Phillip. It's like part of me is on the other side of the world.
Pin: I guess it makes me anxious.
Pip: I like that you need me. I like being needed. And I need you too.
Pip: But I know at the same time you don't /really/ need me, because you're the strongest person I know. I just want you to be okay.
Pipin texts
Pin: No, it's okay. You don't have to do that. I'm just having a rough couple days, but I'll be alright.
Pip: Are you absolutely sure? Because I want you to be selfish with me. I want you to ask me to come if you need me to come. You don't have to be strong or anything like that, honestly.