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I'm not done with you yet
Hello honey and welcome to the most fabulous blog that you will ever set your twinkling little eyes on. Go on, be amazed. The name is Pip, my hometown is Andalasia, and my game is giving you the 4-1-1 of all things Elias University. Forget the gossip, forget the haters-- here in my kitchen we only serve up the best, most juiciest of truths and we call that journalism, sweetie. So sit down and shut up because Pip is talking, and I'm just getting started.
Pipin Texts
Pin: I'll never change my mind about you. You're stuck with me and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that causes you, but there's no way out of it.
Pip: Good. I'm not trying to get out of anything. <333 I'll see you in the morning, babe. You'll be in my arms before you know it. :) I love you.
Pipin Texts
Pin: I'm nervous about seeing you.
Pin: I'm so excited to see you, but what if you see me and you decide you don't want to marry me or something insane like that? That is so stupid, I know. I know it's not true and not going to happen. I just love you so much, I'm nervous, I'm sorry.
Pip: Now you know how I feel. I mean I wouldn't be surprised if you just changed your mind one day and were like "Whoops, nope, not gonna marry THAT" but then I tell myself that's ridiculous because you're the most wonderful, honest, good human being I know. And I mean, I have the ring and I'm not giving it back so there.
Pipin Texts
Pin: I know you did. He didn't gain that much weight with just his tuna and cat food.
Pin: But that's okay, we'll pretend you didn't. Just like we pretend you don't love him more than you love me.
Pip: Okay NOW you're officially crazy. I'm pretty sure I'm getting married to you, not some UGLY CAT
Pipin Texts
Pin: You shared human food with him, didn't you?
Pin: You can't resist his cute little kitty face, can you?
Pin: I knew it.
Pip: ...Since when have i EVER shared food with ANYONE let alone a CAT.
Pip: you tried to eat my fries once and I bit you
Pipin Texts
Pin: How's Figaro? Did you guys get along okay?
Pip: He was a little shit the entire summer how do you think we got along.
Pip: however he is at least ten pounds fatter so i mean HE had the time of his life
Pipin Texts
Pin: ugh baby i am excited. i'm so excited and i'm sorry i keep freaking out over stupid things. i'm trying not to, i really am. thank you for being so patient with me and all my crazy. i love you so much and i don't even know where i'd be without you.
Pip: You'd be a virgin for one.
Pip: I mean i love you you're perfect to me, crazy included <3 crazy especially. <33333
Pipin Texts
Pin: Okay, but seriously, my plane lands at 11:17, but it might be early so you should get there before that and also make sure Figaro has food just in case the plane is delayed and you have to be gone all day.
Pip: Baby, I promise I'll be there way earlier than necessary. I'm bringing coffee and my laptop and I have Aurora on speed dial if she needs to go over for Figaro. You have everything in order and you checked off every last thing on your list. Get excited to come home and see me! :DDD
Pipin Texts
Pin: That isn't funny because you would be really dead and that is not okay.
Pip: uh actually i'm a superhero who can hold my breath for 10,000 minutes bitch don't kill my vibe
Pipin Texts
Pin: You're going to be at the airport to pick me up tomorrow, right? You didn't forget, did you? I know you're busy and stuff so I just wanted to text you to make triple sure you were going to be there and also because I'm an ocd control freak and I felt the need to ask you again.
Pip: Yes, baby, of course I'm gonna be there. Do you think I would miss a /second/ of getting to see you again? Uh no. I'm gonna be the first one lined up and so you better be the first one of the plane because I've been holding my breath for like 10,000 minutes since I saw you last <3





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I KNOW I’VE BEEN MIA TOO TOO TOO LONG. Just working in Andalasia and trying to stave off my intense homesickness for this place and for Pin and for YOU. Ugh, this summer was so dumb, despite the internship. I’m back on the island though! We gotta hang ASAP 

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